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API Reference

This document provides an overview of the endpoints available in the Felicity API.

Base URL

All API requests should be made to the following base URL:

Manifest Route

Used internally to retrieve the latest D2 manifest version.

GET /manifest

Status Route

Used internally to retrieve the current service status, including Bungie API availability.

GET /status

Task Route

Get the list of tasks and their last run time.

GET /tasks

Vendor Route

Get the list of vendor sales and their last update time.

Get Weapon Sales

For all weapon sales:

GET /vendor/getWeapons

For only weapon sales that are currently available for purchase/redeem:

GET /vendor/getAvailableWeapons

Current Nightfall Weapon

GET /vendor/getNightfallWeapon

Current Trials Weapon

If Trials is active, returns the current Trials weapon. Otherwise, returns an item ID ‘0’.

GET /vendor/getTrialsWeapon

Response Format

All responses are returned in JSON format.

    "ErrorCode": integer,
    "ErrorStatus": string,
    "Message": string,
    "Response": array(object)