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How did Felicity start?

Originally, the passion for Discord bots started way back before bot accounts were even a thing in Discord, we used to have fun with what was called “self-bots” (allegedly 👀), essentially running commands as your own user and being able to very easily create gif searches, silly interactions like ”👏 you 👏 did 👏 not 👏 just 👏 call 👏 me 👏 that” without the need for any tedious extra clicks.

This then got fed by my addiction to Overwatch on it’s release, with some basic API features that were provided with the game, I’d have fun pulling your game stats, comparing them to other people’s in the same server, etc.

Then came the Destiny 2 addiction, and with that a bunch of friendships with streamers and content creators. I’ve always liked helping set up servers and bots for people but none of the bots really worked the way I liked in regards to Twitch streams, so I made my own… generally a thing we programmers do.

Where is Felicity going? Within the restrictions of Discord (there are limits on number of commands etc.), I essentially want to make Felicity the one and only Destiny bot you need in your server, with the exception of including features that are in a way a “signature feature”, for example the XP tracking abilities of Levante Bot.

I plan on adding TikTok & Youtube notifications for content creators, among many other features.